Checking off

Managed to find similar (though not completely exact) beads to finish off the braids of my belt. They’re a silver finish instead of the brass, copper and pewter finish of the original beads, but they’re the same size and design so its close enough.

Finally got around to sewing the buttons on Kash’s pants so unless I decide to hem the legs, those are totally done.

Cut out mock up pieces for Kash’s doublet and my bodice and go them all sewn together. Doublet looks perfect so that can be started for real. My bodice will need some modifications but its looking promising. Sunday I should be getting the pattern for my dresses fitted.

I also finished my┬ásteuchlein, as well as started and finished a felted Tudor hat to go with it all. I think I’m going to have to adjust the brim of the hat a bit more, but otherwise I think its pretty well felted.


So, costumes are coming together. I have a few adjustments/embelishments to make on some pieces but I don’t think there should be too much issue finishing everything. Faire is coming up quickly and I hope it can all get done in time.



Late last night I wanted to work on costumes but all I really had was major pieces (doublet and dresses) and leather work. So instead I was looking around at different costumes out there and decided to make a legit cap for faire. See, I have next to no hair:


I’m actually in need of a trim too

Which I want to cover for faire. Wulsthaube to the rescue!!!


The whole thing is made out of random fabric from my stash, muslin for the main fabric and linen from my smock for the fabric roll, which I stuffed with polyfill since I have a giant bag of it.

Given that I started it in the middle of the night and did it all by hand, I’m really happy with how it turned out and it will work perfectly for faire. And its historically accurate! I followed the tutorial on Katafalk for it and it went together pretty quick and easy.

Next up is the steuchlein to wear over it, which is going to be another stash project.