Larson #1

My friend Kash and I are creating characters for Ren Faire, which means I get to build two completely new costumes and all the fun details that go with them. Its been a while since I’ve gotten to do this level of costuming so I’m looking forward to it!

First up is the costume for Kash’s character, Larson. He’s never had a costume made before so its fun seeing his reaction to things.


This is a rough idea of his costume. Our characters are not the most honest street people so I have some secret plans to go with that.

Fabric has been purchased for the pants and shirt, though I still haven’t found the perfect doublet fabric. I’m hoping to make a pouch or two for him but that might be something he’ll end up having to buy.

I started with a mock up of the pants since I didn’t trust my rusty skills and thankfully I did because I cut the wrong size. But at least that’s an easy fix! I tried them on myself after I finished them and hey, I can just use this size for myself! It won’t work for my character design but this is a comfy pair of pants and I will use them for something!

There are lots of little details I’m planning on including that will be a lot of work for these two costumes, but I think that’s one reason why they’ll be so fun. I love stretching my costuming skills and adding new ones.

I have to wait a few more days to get going on the pants for real but tomorrow I plan to work on the shirt and get that hopefully done in the mean time. Faire will be here before I know it!