I was super nervous to cut into the linen for my dresses, but I made myself do it today. I had Sam fit a kirtle to my body following the instructions for a straight front seam supportive kirtle on La Cotte Simple and while I had to do some final fit adjustments myself (Sam has very little craft skills so I was left instructing her the whole time) I think it turned out great!

Since faire in less than 2 weeks away now and there’s still so much to do, my goal for today was to get the main seams done on my dresses so all that’s left is hand sewing the hems and eyelets. And I managed to get that done!

Both dresses are made from 100% linen and follow the exact same pattern. Since the under dress is going to have the most stress, being the one doing most of the actual supporting, I lined the entire top portion with cotton for more strength. The gores are unlined.

The outer dress don’t be under so much direct strain so I only added the cotton lining to the front edges where the eyelets will be. Obviously the green dress will lace on the sides and the red on the front. Its hard to get a complete idea of how they will look since there’s no support right now, but I think it will be just how I wanted it.

I plan on adding short sleeves to the outer dress but I think I might keep that a last priority focus since I still need to draft them and I want to make sure to get everything else done. They might not happen for opening weekend but I know they’ll happen eventually.

The skirts of the dresses are so full its awesome. I have some trim I want to make to go on the outer dress to tie in the yellow of the steuchlein but that’s another thing I’m not sure I’ll have done in time for opening weekend. I have the pattern picked, just need to figure out the color order, warp and weave.

Tomorrow I start the eyelets and hemming, and then I can move on to the accessories. Bodice, leather bag and pouch belt. This will be a close finish!


So close

Kash’s garb is nearly finished. I am almost done with the machine sewing on his doublet and then its just lots of hand sewing.

I marked out the slashes the other day and pinned the trim on to make sure I liked it.

And while I was hoping to get the machine sewing done tonight, my day was more hectic than I intended for my day off so while I managed to get most of it done, its not where I wanted it to be.

Photo on 8-4-16 at 11.29 PM

Forgive the crappy laptop picture, my phone decided to completely break today so I’m without it until tomorrow when the replacement arrives.

Just need to make and add the peplum, sew down seams, sew on the trim, make 12 eyelets and add buttons. The slashes look a little wonky right now but I’ll be playing with them when I sew the trim which will hopefully help.

Have 2 days to finish this to stay on my deadline, and since I have Sunday and Monday off I’m hoping to get a good head start on my dresses. Only 15 days until faire!

Checking off

Managed to find similar (though not completely exact) beads to finish off the braids of my belt. They’re a silver finish instead of the brass, copper and pewter finish of the original beads, but they’re the same size and design so its close enough.

Finally got around to sewing the buttons on Kash’s pants so unless I decide to hem the legs, those are totally done.

Cut out mock up pieces for Kash’s doublet and my bodice and go them all sewn together. Doublet looks perfect so that can be started for real. My bodice will need some modifications but its looking promising. Sunday I should be getting the pattern for my dresses fitted.

I also finished my steuchlein, as well as started and finished a felted Tudor hat to go with it all. I think I’m going to have to adjust the brim of the hat a bit more, but otherwise I think its pretty well felted.


So, costumes are coming together. I have a few adjustments/embelishments to make on some pieces but I don’t think there should be too much issue finishing everything. Faire is coming up quickly and I hope it can all get done in time.


Late last night I wanted to work on costumes but all I really had was major pieces (doublet and dresses) and leather work. So instead I was looking around at different costumes out there and decided to make a legit cap for faire. See, I have next to no hair:


I’m actually in need of a trim too

Which I want to cover for faire. Wulsthaube to the rescue!!!


The whole thing is made out of random fabric from my stash, muslin for the main fabric and linen from my smock for the fabric roll, which I stuffed with polyfill since I have a giant bag of it.

Given that I started it in the middle of the night and did it all by hand, I’m really happy with how it turned out and it will work perfectly for faire. And its historically accurate! I followed the tutorial on Katafalk for it and it went together pretty quick and easy.

Next up is the steuchlein to wear over it, which is going to be another stash project.

Continuing on

The shirt for Kash is 100% done and all that’s left for the pants is sewing on the buttons (and hemming the legs, if I feel like it. They won’t be seen) so while we figure out time to get together to get the doublet fitted, I’ve been working on my costume.

I sewed the smock from the pattern here and other than some issues with remembering how to french seam, it went together perfectly. The whole thing looks a little ridiculous before the collar is gathered.


The last few days I’ve spent doing the pleatwork on the collar and cuffs and currently have just a little over half of one cuff left to pleat. I decided to do the pleats with a deep red floss to add a little flare to them and I’m thinking of doing on embroidery around the edges and pleats as well, but those can wait until later when it won’t be taking time away from more important things.

There is hope that this weekend will also see the start of my dresses and Kash’s doublet. Keeping fingers crossed on that!

Neve #1

My character Neve (pronounced NEEV) doesn’t have much to show yet, but I’m getting all the details nailed down. I’m going to hopefully be buying fabric for her in a few days and then the fun can really start. Her design has been decided for a while but until recently I hadn’t decided what colors I wanted.


My plan for the dress is a bit historical and a bit Faire. A smock with pleated cuffs and collar, a sleeveless side laced kirtle with a square neckline, a front laced cotehardie with short sleeves and an underbust bodice with angled straps. If I have time I will make sleeves for the cotehardie but we shall see.

I have a lot of fun accessories planned but the first thing I’m working on is the belt. Originally I was going to just do a leather ring belt but decided to do a tablet woven one instead. I also decided on my dress colors by planning out my belt pattern with my available thread colors.


The belt will be quite long so I’m going to wrap it around my waist multiple times, one end will have a D-ring and the other will taper off to a point and be beaded. Its nearly half way woven so I’m excited to get it done!

I also have leather to make a pouch purse, and am going to make a multi pocketed hip belt for all my goodies and mug.

I’m looking forward to all the details and fun bits. Just wish it was Friday so I could buy the fabric!