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The shirt for Kash is 100% done and all that’s left for the pants is sewing on the buttons (and hemming the legs, if I feel like it. They won’t be seen) so while we figure out time to get together to get the doublet fitted, I’ve been working on my costume.

I sewed the smock from the pattern here and other than some issues with remembering how to french seam, it went together perfectly. The whole thing looks a little ridiculous before the collar is gathered.


The last few days I’ve spent doing the pleatwork on the collar and cuffs and currently have just a little over half of one cuff left to pleat. I decided to do the pleats with a deep red floss to add a little flare to them and I’m thinking of doing on embroidery around the edges and pleats as well, but those can wait until later when it won’t be taking time away from more important things.

There is hope that this weekend will also see the start of my dresses and Kash’s doublet. Keeping fingers crossed on that!


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