Neve #1

My character Neve (pronounced NEEV) doesn’t have much to show yet, but I’m getting all the details nailed down. I’m going to hopefully be buying fabric for her in a few days and then the fun can really start. Her design has been decided for a while but until recently I hadn’t decided what colors I wanted.


My plan for the dress is a bit historical and a bit Faire. A smock with pleated cuffs and collar, a sleeveless side laced kirtle with a square neckline, a front laced cotehardie with short sleeves and an underbust bodice with angled straps. If I have time I will make sleeves for the cotehardie but we shall see.

I have a lot of fun accessories planned but the first thing I’m working on is the belt. Originally I was going to just do a leather ring belt but decided to do a tablet woven one instead. I also decided on my dress colors by planning out my belt pattern with my available thread colors.


The belt will be quite long so I’m going to wrap it around my waist multiple times, one end will have a D-ring and the other will taper off to a point and be beaded. Its nearly half way woven so I’m excited to get it done!

I also have leather to make a pouch purse, and am going to make a multi pocketed hip belt for all my goodies and mug.

I’m looking forward to all the details and fun bits. Just wish it was Friday so I could buy the fabric!